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Extraordinary Efficient Illuminating solutions for industrial, commercial, and non-profit projects in the San Francisco Bay Area.

GreenTech Electric is an energy efficiency-focused licensed electrical contractor headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide interior lighting design and energy conservation measures for industrial, commercial, retail, and various non-profit applications including new construction, renovations, and additions.

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GreenTech Electric’s seasoned staff of certified electricians is dedicated to handling all your electrical needs regardless of size or complexity.

Empowering Sustainable Solutions for Your Every Electrical Need!

Your partners in creating efficient, eco-friendly spaces with top-notch lighting, construction, EV docking, and solar solutions.

Why you should work with us

Choose GreenTech Electric for our unwavering commitment to impeccable service, eco-conscious solutions, and a track record of delivering cost-effective, energy-efficient results. Partner with us to illuminate your space while contributing to a greener future.

Save Your Money

Embrace financial savings with Greentech electric solutions. Through solar panels and energy-efficient technologies, Greentech not only trims your electricity expenses but also contributes to a sustainable future. Make a smart investment in both your wallet and the environment, ensuring cost-effective and eco-friendly living with Greentech's innovative solutions.

Your Property Is Energy

Empower Your Property with Greentech Electric Solutions" explores how embracing Greentech's energy-efficient solutions can transform your residence. From solar panels to smart technologies, optimize energy usage for cost savings and environmental benefits.

5 Star Service

Greentech Electric Solutions Earns 5-Star Rating highlights our commitment to excellence. Our innovative technologies, from solar panels to energy-efficient systems, have garnered top-notch reviews. Experience the highest standard in sustainable living with Greentech's 5-star rated electric solutions, providing both stellar performance and environmental consciousness.

Thousand Trails

Embark on a journey through our Thousand Trails project, where GreenTech Electric spearheaded a comprehensive energy transformation for a bustling commercial complex in the heart of the Bay Area.

Woodland Meadows

Step into the Woodland Meadows transformation, a testament to GreenTech Electric's commitment to sustainable living.

Garden of Fountain

Garden of Fountain underground project before images. Greentech was hired to provide new main sub-feeds to three different buildings throughout the property. USA was called out to mark all utilities to avoid any accidents or damaging any conduits. GreenTech was also hired to install all new conduits on the rooftop for each unit’s main sub-feed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we are happy to work with you on your improvement project for your business. Learn more about our Tenant improvement services here and contact us today!

Our professionals are experienced in all types of residential electrical services including the design and installation of a brand new electrical system in multi-million dollar homes. Your room addition wiring project will be no problem. Let’s set up a project assessment and estimate today

Our talented electricians are more than happy to assist you with the small lighting project or any other small project you have in mind. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with every client so they know we’ll be there for them whenever they need electrical work done

We can repair generators themselves, we can repair the wiring and connections to your backup generator. We can also help you install a replacement generator if you need it, and will be glad to offer our advice about the size and model you need for your backup power needs.

It’s very likely that you may have a short or loose wire somewhere along the lighting’s wiring circuit or at the fixture. However, first make sure you’re using a name-brand bulb and that the wattage is not too high for the fixture. If you are, let our electricians troubleshoot the problem so we can tell you what needs to be done to fix it.

Absolutely! We are pleased to offer bucket truck facilities as part of our comprehensive services. Our well-equipped bucket trucks and skilled team are ready to assist you with any aerial work you may require. Feel free to reach out to us for more details or to schedule our bucket truck services. We look forward to serving you!

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