Lighting Design and Installation

Whether you’re doing a major home remodel or just need to improve the lighting on one small area of your home or office, Green Tech Electric can help. We design projects to your specification and with conservation in mind. We specialize in using the best energy-efficient technologies to save you money and to save the environment.

Construction Services

Green Tech Electric focuses on environmentally friendly and energy efficient products for all construction. From internal wiring of just one small area, to lighting design for entire homes, Green Tech Electric works on both remodels and new construction. Services also include electrical panel updates, 100 amp and 200 amp replacements, service upgrades and sub-panels.

Energy Consumption Audit

How much energy – and money – could you be saving by making some easy and cost-effective changes? Take our Energy Audit to find out how Green Tech Electric can help make your home or office more efficient.

Electric Vehicle Docking Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the wave of the future. With a convenient charging station in your garage, you’ll be guaranteed a full charge within hours. Green Tech Electric installs only the best system on the market, made by AeroVironment, allowing you charge your EV while you sleep, enjoy a meal or spend time with your family. When paired with a residential solar array, which Green Tech also installs, you’ll not only be environmentally friendly, you’ll save money too. Our EV docking stations take less than a day to install.

Solar Panels

Electricity is only getting more expensive, making this a great time to go solar, not to mention the environmental and tax benefits. Green Tech Electric installs full solar solutions for the home and electric vehicles. For your home, solar will give you the biggest cost savings on your electric bill. For your EV, going solar will eliminate the cost of charging your car. In addition to these benefits, the federal government offers an incentive of a 30% tax rebate, and there are state rebates available as well.